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A User Experience project defines a user satisfaction process so that the interaction with the system, both physical and digital, is positive and memorable. The User Experience appears all the more pleasant the more the user’s initial expectations are consistent with the final satisfaction or even when the latter exceeds the initial expectations.


The distinctive value of a good Customer Journey

ONdesign’s goal is to create engaging, intuitive and reproducible experiential processes that involve the project or system in its entirety. The better the “customer journey”, which goes from the idea of ​​purchase to the entire life of the product/service, the more its value increases because it represents its true identity. An extremely positive User Experience therefore increases the market’s product/service desirability, acquiring its distinctive value and generating Brand loyalty.


Interdisciplinary teams to define positive experiences

Our professionals specialized in cognitive ergonomics, design and communication, together with our Clients’ research and development, marketing, sales and project management teams collaborate to identify a process of positive user experiences.

The team work between ONdesign and our Clients ensures that the user experience includes every aspect of the company’s offer: price, design, functionality, quality, but also advertising, packaging,  collaterals, customer support and customer reviews.


The development of the UX / UI

When designing web interfaces, product interfaces or mobile applications, our UX experts collaborate with UI designers to create interfaces that are simple to use, versatile, pleasant, useful and easy to implement for software programmers. The cognitive paths of the user experience are combined with the use of icons, symbols and colors in the right hierarchy to facilitate the dialogue between users and the device, to create innovation, to maintain consistency and to always establish a strong relationship between Brand and product in its digital and physical aspect.

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