As the cosmetic industry grows, and more people find the benefits of using aesthetic equipments, more beauty centers, wellness centers and medical clinics are asking for new professional machines to accommodate the needs of their clients.  Reliability, efficiency, overall performance are essential values and strong purchasing elements but they are not enough. State of the art technology must be accompanied by aesthetically pleasing design bringing up positive attitudes in the users and communicating trust, safety and health. Therefore the design of medical and beauty machines needs to be aesthetically engaging consistently across the whole product and user journey. Communication that technologies or treatments are advanced will only be effective if product design supports that claim and in conclusion appears equally as sophisticated, qualitative thus innovative.

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Product design conveys positive attitude

Products used in these contexts should generally be designed to calm and reassure the patient. The right and suitable design has the power to counteract client stress, convey competence and sophistication and communicate friendliness, warmth and welcoming. As a result, in ONdesign we are designing products enhancing the customer’s perception in a positive way and, most of all, ensuring that the product aesthetics convey a design semantic appropriate to the user and to the specific environment. Furthermore product design stays true to its primary function. Our medical and beauty design proportions feel perfectly balanced. Colors, textures, and forms are subtle but interesting. The object is simply easy to look at and ensure the feeling of “rightness”. The ergonomic handles enhance easy hand-held for the operator and comfort on the patient. The digital touch display provides immediate feedback and visible control on the operations and facilitate programming and setting.
Our ultimate goal is to conceive product design showing at the same time innovation, design elegance and ease-of-use.

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