connected glasses design strategy

Our research aimed to develop a new connected glasses product that incorporates Microoled‘s cutting-edge head-up display (HUD) module. To achieve this goal, we utilized the ONdesign Dynamic map tool to analyze the market and identify key market segmentations, use cases, consumer targets, features, and designs. Subsequently, our findings were validated through a qualitative focus group study, which revealed that the sport segment held the most promise.

As a result of our research, we have developed a product concept of connected glasses that leverages the benefits of HUD technology and catered to the specific needs of the target segment. HUD technology projects information onto a transparent screen in the user’s field of view, superimposing it onto the real-world view. This allows for the display of important information without having to divert attention from the road or task at hand.

The projector in a HUD system generates the image, which is reflected onto the transparent screen using a combiner. Furthermore the image appears to be floating in mid-air, providing an immersive and minimally invasive experience. Also advances in HUD technology in recent years have led to improvements in image quality, brightness, and power consumption. All in all, Microoled’s HUD module is a prime example of these advancements, offering a high-resolution display, low power consumption, and compact form factor. These features make it a suitable solution for integration into connected glasses and other portable devices.