Buffetti Metropolitan week STATIONARY LINE AND paper agenda


metropolitan paper diary


The design objective for Buffetti’s Metropolitan Week stationary line is to create a line of stationary products that address to the needs of modern customers who value both the traditional experience of writing on paper and the ability to personalize their tools to fit their individual style. The products are designed with functionality in mind, allowing customers to enjoy a wide range of uses, including writing, erasing, drawing, and marking. At the same time, the products are visually appealing and customizable, with bright colors and dynamic graphics that help to make writing and organization a more enjoyable and memorable experience.

The ONdesign team conducts extensive market research to gain a better understanding of customer needs and preferences, and incorporates these insights into the design process.

The ultimate goal of the design team is to create products that stand out in the market, provide value to customers, and contribute to the overall success of the stationary line and the company. With its focus on functionality, customization, and visual appeal, Buffetti’s Metropolitan Week line provides customers with a unique and satisfying writing experience that combines the best of traditional and modern design.

paper planners in the digital age

Despite the widespread use of digital devices for organizing and scheduling, many people still prefer the traditional experience of writing on paper. This could be due to a desire for a break from screens and technology, or a preference for the tangible experience of writing on paper.

Overall, the comeback of paper planners is a testament to the enduring appeal of traditional forms of communication and organization, even in the digital age. As predicted by Technavio market research, it’s likely that paper planners will continue to be a popular choice for those who value the simplicity, tactile experience, and customization options they offer.