VIDEO STORYTELLING: a narrative story

Video storytelling is a narrative story that aims to make a brand, product or service easily understandable and communicable. When the story is realized through the perfect combination of images, music, words that manage to emotionally involve the audience and make them participate in an aspirational story. The message becomes memorable, underlies a precise action and therefore reaches its purpose.

We have developed the storytelling of DOTS.move by imagining random encounters between the protagonists of the video who, touching each other, pass the baton of the story. The girl on a bicycle, the dog, the little girls, the motorcyclist and the musician use the Smart Gps Tracker naturally, helping them not to lose track of the things and people they love. The technology is human, friendly, nice and accompanies the city everyday life.

The storyboard as a narrative beginning

We always start from the development of a storyboard to effectively visualize our project and so that it is a work and sharing tool. We set up the sequences of digital content, define the movements, the details and the verbal and sound message.

Video Casting, locations and styling

We select the actors, the costumes, the objects, the locations of the shot so that everything is flawless to give uniformity and consistency to the content. Every detail is part of the communication project and amplifies its message. The characters and the places in which they move must give the concrete impression of being genuine, reliable and authoritative.

Video Post production and editing

Post production and editing are among the most important steps in creating a video. Professional editing in post production is able to significantly intervene on the shots taken, create an ad hoc montage, correct the image quality, add titles, 3D processing and visual effects. It can also help reinforce the message through specific tools such as color grading that can arouse emotion in the viewer.

Video storytelling DOTS.move

Voice-over and sound reinforcement

Last but not least, the selection of the speakers and the tone of the voice, the creation and manipulation of the soundtrack and sound effects complete and reinforce the message by creating a sound narrative.

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