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In the world of increasingly broad and extensive digital offerings, our role is to create digital storytelling that presents a product or service at its best. Through digital storytelling, aesthetics, usage, physical characteristics, functionality, as well as experiences and sensations, reach potential customers wherever they are, through a screen. Our approach aims to involve and immerse customers in these experiences as if they were truly living them in the first person, at three hundred and sixty degrees.

The digital storytelling

To create a virtual link between the audience and the product or service, we develop and process various elements such as images, drawings, info-graphics, graphics, three-dimensional renderings, animations, or videos. However, these elements are not intended to be an end in themselves. Instead, we use them to describe, explain, create an imaginary world, and tell a story that people can immerse themselves in. Our productions often consist of a mix of these elements to make the stories interactive, engaging, and memorable.

The storyboard as a narrative beginning

We always begin by developing a storyboard that helps us visualize our project effectively. By doing so, it becomes a working and sharing tool with our customers. We set up the sequences of the digital content, define the movements, the details, and the verbal and sound message, and use this as a foundation for our digital storytelling.

A tailor-made product to create Brand Loyalty

We pride ourselves on our tailored approach to visual storytelling, which is studied and elaborated ad hoc according to the content, communication needs, budget, and channels through which they are presented. Our approach is customized to the unique needs of each project. Our primary goal is to promote our clients’ businesses by ensuring that the brand is consolidated in the mind of the potential customer in an indelible way. Ultimately, this allows us to build a solid and long-lasting trust relationship. at MWC19

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