MARKETING STRATEGY, Competitive analysis, DESIGN THINKING, Megatrends, Trends mapping
Consumer clustering, Moodboards, Product positioning

Strategic Design extends design from the product to the Product Service System: the integrated set of products, services, communication and Brand with which a Company presents itself on the market and places itself in society,  giving shape to its strategy.

By coordinating Strategic Design, ONdesign supports Clients in the correct definition of the Product Service System in order to create a unique and original design and communication language and an effective product positioning capable of conveying the right values , thus strengthening the concept of portfolio and Brand.

Defining an effective Product Service System is essential for Companies that are no longer aimed only at the consumer who buys a product because it has qualities but because it shares the system of values ​​that the company, through the product system, has managed to communicate to them.

Dynamic map

ONdesign has developed the strategic tool of the ‘dynamic map’ to represent, study and put in relation the analysis of the market and its continuous changes, the clusters of potential users and their needs, affinities and expectations, the aesthetic trends and their formal and chromatic evolutions and the innovations of technology and its uses.

The result of the dynamic map are new Product Service System scenarios that give shape and substance to the Corporate strategy.

Differentiation and innovation

It is not enough to have a quality product (aesthetic and productive) but it must be completed by a coherent communication strategy, by an effective service project, by the choice of the right distribution channel, by a correct product display.

The combination of these elements is also the antidote against commoditization phenomena or ‘price war’ among competitors: a successful product can be easily cloned, but it is less easy to be able to replicate a communication strategy, a distributive innovation, an ad hoc service, in a word a a magical experience in customer’s lives.