Events, Environmental Design, Light design, Showrooms, Retail Design

Exhibition and event design involves staging a space for relationship, dialogue, and display between the audience and the product, concept, or service. At ONdesign, we create physical, virtual, or hybrid exhibition and event spaces that prioritize engagement and networking opportunities.

Exhibition design: from concept to experience

From concept to experience, our exhibition and event design projects are aimed at conveying a strong and differentiating message that reflects the brand’s values and objectives. We achieve this through attractive and recognizable claims, along with shapes, images, graphics, colors, and lights that translate the guiding idea into a creative, innovative, and practical exhibition setup.

Compelling, innovative, engaging

At ONdesign, we combine spatial, aesthetic, functional, constructive, and technological aspects to design effective exhibition and event setups. We prioritize innovation, creativity, and audience involvement to deliver a compelling and positive experience. Our services include choosing the most appropriate forms of communication to capture people’s attention and collect data on their preferences.

Our event design services focus on creating engaging and memorable experiences for attendees. We carefully consider the event’s purpose, theme, target audience, and desired outcomes to design an event that effectively communicates the brand’s message and meets the event’s goals.

EXECEMED – Neurology Conference
Access Control System
AUGEN – Moving carpet and escalator display
MERCK – Date 8 Conference