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Brands have economic value, companies with the strongest brands grow much faster than others. To create a strong Brand that attracts consumers and customers and creates a long-term relationship of trust, any Company must define the 4 pillars of brand value.

ONdesign helps Clients to define and develop the pillars of their Brand: the first two are strategic and are the basis of storytelling, the second two are more operational.

Brand promise

The reason the Brand exists, is to bring value to customers. The value proposition is a concise expression of what the Brand does for customers, of the benefit that its use brings. For a strong brand, the promise, often communicated through a payoff – a short creative phrase – is immediately associated with the Brand in the consumer mind.

Brand character

The combination of personality and values ​​that guides everything the brand does and says, making it distinct from others and creating affinity with people. Character is the basis for distinctiveness and relevance.

Competence and products

The substance behind the story. The third pillar is the ability to keep the promise through the offer of products and services, but also of useful content consistent with the values ​​and purpose of the brand and its character.

Perception, tangible signs

Finally let’s talk about what we often talk about before: the logo, the logotype and the set of all the tangible signs that through the different media and touch-points make the brand visible and memorable to its public. A visual image and a style of communication consistent with the promise, character and skills are the basis of the brand’s distinctiveness and future dominance. Tangible signs are included: logo and brand, colors, shapes, images, design and materials, the choice of influencers and media

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